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3 Outstanding Stop Motion Egyptian Animators to fo...

3 Outstanding Stop Motion Egyptian Animators to follow

Stop motion artist art Egypt Dina Amin

Interested in the world of fascination? Well, not the type you see at circuses where you find objects disappear and re-appear again. However, the type of fascination that we’re introducing in the article is a bit different, it’s bringing life to inanimate things. This magic is called stop motion. Stop motion animation which is also called stop frame animation is based on a technique that takes still photos, usually of inanimate objects or models, and makes them come to life by playing them together at super speed. This process of animation involves taking a photograph of your objects or characters, moving them slightly, and taking another photograph. Consecutively, when you play back the images at full speed, the objects or characters appear to move on their own. In this article, we will present you stop motion Egyptian animators and feature some of their incredible works. So, let’s dive in!

1-Noha Bahr

Noha Bahr is one of the most outstanding stop motion Egyptian animators that is highly recommended to follow. When viewing her work, you can’t help but feel the magic she creates and truly enjoy it. Mastering many styles of stop motion, Noha uses her charming talent to create various styles of stop motion animation. Starting from stop motion in sketches of cartoon characters, cut-outs and even using objects. Check out these stop motion videos to see how Noha Bahr nailed it!

2-Dina Amin

It all began with the heavenly idea of transforming trash into treasure through the power of stop motion. The graceful Dina Amin doesn’t only love to re-create beauty. However, she also has a passion in disassembling of products to learn more about how they work. In these videos, you will see how Dina uses the stop motion animation technique to spread splendor. We encourage you to follow her unique magic on Instagram and also check her personal website naming Dinaamin to keep up with the creative work, talks and workshops.

3-Doha Medhat Soliman

Doha is from the most talented and uprising stop motion animators. If you dig in her page on Instagram you will find delightful creations. Through her outstanding use of stop motion and her exceptional skill in paper cutting, Doha creates dazzling experiences that you won’t want to miss. This artist has also many other talents aside from stop motion, some of which include the creation play-dough models and making a magical 3d experience using 2d paper cutouts. Check her stop motion videos and her enhance profile for true glee.

To sum up, Egypt has countless creative animators and artists, here’s an article highlighting some: The Artist Behind Cairo Metro Murals. 

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