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A Diary of Creativity: Adam Henein museum

A Diary of Creativity: Adam Henein museum

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Although we’ve visited Harania village before and wrote our experience there in Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Center. However, this time, was just DISTINCT. This time, we took a tour in Adam Henein Museum and ended up wonderstruck! Want to take a look at the amazing art pieces we saw there? Then, just keep on reading.

A Dairy of Life

Above all, Adam Henein is unquestionably among the most innovative artists of the 20th century. Born in 1929 into a family of metalworkers, Henein fell in love with art at a very young age. After receiving a degree in Sculpture from the School of Fine Arts in Cairo in 1953, Henein travelled to Paris, where he lived for 25 years. Later, he returned back to Egypt to enrich the Egyptian art history and refine the scene. Our artist has founded the International Sculpture Symposium and has received numerous awards for his work which has been exhibited worldwide. While being best known for his sculptures, Henein has also led a successful career as a painter and his museum is a living proof for that.

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Photo Courtesy: Adam Henein Museum Official Facebook Page

A Diary of Talents

Adam Henein has devoted his life to the art from which nothing has distracted him. Celebrated for his sculptural works in bronze, wood, clay and granite, Henein creates pieces that breathe with creativity and passion.

In addition to his unquestionable sculptural skill, our artist was also fond of drawing where he honored his roots and culture. To illustrate, Henein’s drawings and paintings were inspired from the Egyptian heritage and were represented in an abstract and modernist way. Adam Henein mastered many painting types as acrylic, aquarelle, charcoal, ink and many more and used them to create incomparable pieces.

Creativity In The Garden

Adam Henein’s passion lives in his museum. Firstly, when we entered, we found the museum’s garden waiting for us. Brimming with plants and boasting with sculptures, Adam Henein museum garden would make your heart full! Some of the unparalleled pieces include: A 19-meter-long “Granite Ship” sails with its stone passengers. Some of those passengers are: the “resting man”, a sculpture named “Fatma” and another one of “Salah Jahin”. A uniquely sculpted “Donkeys” created in 1964 stand under a shade in the ship.

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Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_4
Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_5
resting man. Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_6
Fatma and Salah Jahin. Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_7
Donkeys. Photo Courtesy: linesmag

Creativity In the Ground Floor Hall

After the dazzling we had in the garden, we went inside Adam Henien museum anticipating and expecting. The truth is, the displays didn’t let us down! The bronze statue of “Silence” met us with dominance. Then, the “Waiting” sculpture captured our hearts. It’s a red granite piece created when Henien was in Aswan in 1998. In one of the museum’s corners, we spotted the bronze “Warrior”. Finally, we saw a wool tapestry beautifying the whole hall.

Adam Henien_linesmag_
Silence. Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_
Waiting. Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_
Warrior. Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_
Tapestry. Photo Courtesy: linesmag

Creativity In The Annunciation Hall

In the first floor, we found the annunciation hall crammed with a plenty of artworks. For instance, the bronze statue of “Zeinab” made in 1954 in Gourna. In addition to these and “The Peace Shield” statue stands with its bronze nature. This hall also showcases many pencil and ink works of Adam Henien that he passionately done in the 1960s.

Adam Henien_linesmag_
Zeinab. Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_
The Peace Shield. Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_
Ink Paintings. Photo Courtesy: linesmag

Creativity In The Salah Marei Hall

In this hall, you can’t help but notice the exceptional piece named “Three Workers” that was stunningly sculpted out of bronze in 1957. Some artworks that Henein created of pigments and Arabic gum on papyrus hang artistically on the wall. For example, the 1992 “jar” artwork of Harranya.

Adam Henien_linesmag_
Three Workers. Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_
Jar. Photo Courtesy: linesmag

Creativity In The Salah Jahin Hall

This hall is dedicated to the leading Egyptian poet Salah Jahin. Here, Adam Henein translated his appreciation and love for Salah Jahin in both sculptures and paintings. To clarify, the artist sculpted the head of Salah Jahin in gold plated bronze! Moreover, Henein presented Jahin’s Quartets in exquisite drawings and paintings.

Adam Henien_linesmag_
Salah Jahin. Photo Courtesy: linesmag

Creativity In The Witness Hall

Above all, this section of Adam Henein’s museum mainly showcases the artist’s paintings. The theme of artworks of this section is “faces”. Henein painted this collection in 2009. Here, it’s just all about abstract faces and fine art.

Adam Henien_linesmag_
Faces. Photo Courtesy: linesmag

Also In Adam Henein museum… Sculptures

There are many other delightful art pieces that we found in the museum. Some of which include: “The Encounter” which is carved out of plaster between 1990 and 2000 in Paris. “Standing Figure” is also one of the most unique sculptures as it is made out of African granite in 1991. The bronze “Philosopher” is also an absolute grace while “Women Carrying Urns” in gypsum is just divine.

Adam Henien_linesmag_
The Encounter. Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_
Standing Figure. Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_
Women Carrying Urns. Photo Courtesy: linesmag

Also In Adam Henein museum… Paintings

Adam Henien’s museum is proud of its paintings as much as its sculptures. Artworks in Fresco as “The Garden” is truly fair and also the ones done in watercolors are really pleasing. It’s worth mentioning that there were charcoal paintings and they were arresting.

Adam Henien_linesmag_
The Garden. Photo Courtesy: linesmag
Adam Henien_linesmag_
Charcoal. Photo Courtesy: linesmag

At last, the museum of Adam Henein is just a gem on its own! Try to pay it a visit some time! Also, check the museum’s official website to see all artwork the museum owns. To read more about distinctive museums check: Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum 

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