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Building Better Communities: Hand Over Architectur...

Building Better Communities: Hand Over Architecture Projects

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“Architecture is about empathy and impact” is the motto of the team working in Hand Over. Hand Over is an Egyptian architecture design and construction company specialized in delivering cost-effective and environment-friendly building solutions. Created to revolutionize the building industry in Egypt, Hand Over introduces alternative building techniques to help build better communities. So, by believing in the power of design to change lives, they apply their beliefs through human-centric and sustainable designs. When you experience their projects, you will practically feel humanity breathing through. With keywords like: believe, challenge, hope and persist, Hand Over architecture projects are designed and constructed. So, let’s take a look and see the wonders that a team of architects, civil engineers, material specialists and builders do.

Photo Courtesy: Hand Over.
Photo Courtesy: Hand Over.

Luxor Residential Unit

The story started with a simple house overlooking a beautiful farm in Luxor. However, these circumstances changed. Burnt and then destroyed when a palm tree fell over it, the house was in a terrible condition when Hand Over stepped in. At first, Hand Over met with the family members to know their exact requirements. Then, the team started working and pushing hard to create and construct this house. After being funded by Marwa Zaky, a donor architect, the house finally came into being. Sustainability was implemented in the courtyard and domes that have skylights for allowance of light and extraction of hot air. Natural materials are used all over the house from mud, stone and wood. Therefore, by designing this house, Hand Over provided a prototype of a sustainable, economically feasible and fabulous residential unit.

Blue Hole Development

Nature has its way in capturing hearts and well, it had its way too in capturing Hand Over’s team. EPASP Strengthening Protected Area Financing and Management Systems funded and managed the project as one of the partners of this project. Therefore, collaborating with UNDP and the ministry of environmental affairs, Hand Over developed the blue hole protectorate in South Sinai, Egypt. The goal was to plan, design and construct visitors’ facilities in this diving site. For instance, these facilities included an administration building, public services as toilets and urban elements as benches, sheds and other facilities too. Hand over gracefully collaborated with nature and established this project in South Sinai. Through the use of natural materials, rammed earth technique and solar panels, Hand over’s team were able to develop the scenery. It’s a project where you can see the harmony of architecture and nature at its best.

Al-Ayat Community School

In an informal village in Al-Ayat, Egypt where kids walk over 7 Km every day to reach their school. Inside this village, parents began to ban their children from education because of the far distance and unsafe roads. Within these heartbreaking situations Hand Over’s team worked through Man Ahyaha NGO. First, through studying the needs of the village, then opening up a design competition for architects and architecture students to apply in, the school’s design and construction took place. The brilliance of this project doesn’t only rely on the sustainable design or construction. But, in the community’s inclusion, education and sustainable practice within the project. Hand Over used this project to raise awareness towards sustainable building and living, using environmentally friendly building materials, decreasing water and energy consumption and waste disposal. So, in an informal village in site and with belief at heart, sustainability started spreading.

Hand Over reaching out

To sum up, Hand Over architecture projects create blissful experiences through their unparalleled design approach. This professional firm pushes the boundaries to change the construction scene in Egypt in both private and development sectors. Consequently, they were nominated in the Agha Khan Award and won the Qatar Sustainability Award. Moreover, Hand Over’s team doesn’t only design and build. However, they also inspire and encourage people to know more about sustainability through their hands on experience workshops inside and outside Egypt as well. Therefore, it would be a fruitful experience participating in these workshops. Above all, Hand Over is a persistent company that leaves hope marks wherever it goes.

Hand Over
Hand Over Rammed Earth Workshop. Photo Courtesy: Hand Over.

To know more about Hand Over architecture projects, check their Facebook Page: Hand Over.  Furthermore, if you’re interested to read  about community projects in Egypt, check this article: Dawar El-Ezba Culture Center Design.

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