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Design to Go | Ahmad Fayyad and Karim El Hayawan

Design to Go | Ahmad Fayyad and Karim El Hayawan

Design to Go Ahmad Fayyad Karim El Hayawan

In the Design to Go initiative by Esorus , Ahmad Fayyad and Karim El Haywan have collaborated together and we know something good is coming our way. Breaking free from the constraints of the traditional design process, Design to Go initiative has made it easier to connect clients with skillful designers who offer free online design consultation.

About the designers:

Karim El Hayawan, the photographer and architect, earned his degree in architecture in the year 2000. Then he worked in Dar El Handasah, the multidisciplinary renowned consulting firm, for a few years. After that, he ventured on his own practice, creating Design Point Egypt in 2003, along side his partner Nehal Leheta. The studio is specialized in high-end residential, retail and resort projects.

Ahmad Fayyad is the Founder and Managing Director of F&R Partnership. Passionate about the minimal architecture, he has followed his passion ever since he’d graduated from MSA, Faculty of architecture in 2003. Fayyad is also an award-winning architect at the International Property Awards 2017.

Client Brief:

In this case the client, Ahmed, wants to make better use of his bedroom space. Mainly, he wants to extend the space of the dressing area for him and his wife without having to compromise the bedroom quality. In the Design to Go series, Ahmad Fayyad and Karim El Hayawan started working to offer smart solutions that get the best out of this space.

Design to Go Ahmad Fayyad Karim El Hayawan
Original bedroom plan

Floating partition wall

After analyzing the bedroom space, designers noticed the proportion was not convenient. First, the designers thought of an idea to divide the space. They used the idea of a floating partition wall in front of the bed. This wall can hold tv unit with sliding panels to be adjustable for the client. This partition wall also can extend to the ceiling or not depending on the client’s preference. Behind this wall, a new walking closet is created.

Design to Go Ahmad Fayyad Karim El Hayawan
Design to Go Ahmad Fayyad Karim El Hayawan
Photo from: Dezign Ark

This new partition wall comes with several options. It can be totally separate allowing movement and flow around it. The client can choose whether they want a see through space or a completely separate one.

Design to Go Ahmad Fayyad Karim El Hayawan
Option with floating partition wall
Design to Go Ahmad Fayyad Karim El Hayawan
Another option for the floating wall to have sliding panels

Cutting out extra space

For an additional dressing area, the designers gave another option of taking space from the bathroom and use it as storage space. It can be chest of drawers for suitcases or a shoe closet. The designers recommend using sliding doors in this area in order to save space. In addition to that, they suggested to have coiffeause at this space or a mini bar.

Design to Go Ahmad Fayyad Karim El Hayawan

Materiality and Finishing

“Usually throughout the design process we tend to challenge the mindset of the clients and push them out of their comfort zone for the sake of exploring,” Karim El Hayawan says. “We kinda applied this here through metal shelving in the tv unit. We offered suggestions that are rather industrial modern design than the simple chic direction.”

Moreover, the designers did not recommend having different materials in the bedroom and the dressing space so as not to be over defined. “This continuity gives better feeling and creates flow between these spaces. However, separating using different materials or levelling can be better in much bigger bedroom spaces.,” Fayyad says. Designers also suggested using carpets in the dressing area to feel more cozy.

Design to Go Ahmad Fayyad Karim El Hayawan
Storage space with mirror - Photo from:

On their experience with Design to Go

The designers Ahmad Fayyad and Karim El Hayawan found collaboration with Design to Go a one of a kind experience. “It was such an encouraging initiative, organic, disciplined and most importantly democratic,” Karim El Hayawan said.

“Generally, design is not always reachable or financially available for everyone. Agreeing with what the product designer Philips Sparks has always called for, along with the Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy, I believe in democratic design. Good design should be made feasible for everyone. Definitely this can be different for space design. However, Design to Go impressively managed to achieve this equation connecting all users with different designers to help them out designing their interiors,” Karim El Hayawan said.

Current collaborations for future design paradigms shifts

The designer Ahmad Fayyad also loved sharing this design experience. “As a matter of fact, these ongoing conversations in the design scene are a great opportunity that was not provided to the previous generation of designers,” Ahmad Fayyad said. “We are now collaborating together sharing thoughts and ideas and helping each other. I believe this is a great leap in the design field. Consequently this will be the first step towards changing the perception of the end consumer of design in general.”

Karim El Hayawan also highlighted that in the meantime, the whole humanity is going through an exceptional situation where we all feel united facing the same crisis together. We should make use of this chance and be there for each other in such a difficult time. Such an opportunity was not previously available in our conventional busy life. Karim El Hayawan added that these organic unplanned collaborations will have its positive effect on the practice and work ethics. This is through creating dialogue, and removing barriers.

“Designers will be collaborating and supporting each other without compromising individualism of each designer. This will definitely be for the benefit of the industry as a whole. In the end, the design is a form of art and there is no competition in art,” Karim El Haywan.

On following passion

Ahmad Fayyad believes that each architect and designer should follow their passion, listen to their voice and be true to their goals regardless of the market demand.

“Finding your own identity and sticking to it along the way will be definitely challenging. However, staying true to your designs will find its way and will pay off eventually,” Ahmad Fayyad.

The home as a concept…a space, a place or a feeling?

The discussion went on to discuss on the broader concept of the home. In fact, this whole pandemic made us rethink the idea of a home in a much philosophical way. From the basic needs of a shelter, forming a community and following the sources of life through the way.

“In this evolution, as the home became the sanctuary, it gets interestingly challenging to start imagining how our homes will be like hundreds of years from now.” Karim El Hayawan said.

Watch the full live video below and for more from Design to Go series, read about reception space design tips from Raja Kabil and Nedal Badr.

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