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Design To Go | Yasmine Magdy and Reham Ezz El-din

Design To Go | Yasmine Magdy and Reham Ezz El-din


Just as in the previous articles in which we saw how “Design To Go” by Esorus perfectly helping people out, this article too is an extension to the series. However, here, we’ll present two different bedroom cases. With “Design To Go” by Esorus, Yasmine Magdy and Reham Ezz El-Din re-designed bedrooms. Yasmine Magdy worked on a master bedroom renovation, while Reham Ezz El-Din worked on another one. So, let’s take a look on the works of these two talented female architects.

About Yasmine Magdy

Graduated from the faculty of Architecture Engineering, Cairo University, Yasmine Magdy worked in various architecture offices. Starting from a junior architect and progressing to be a team leader architect. In addition to working as freelancer architect, Yasmine unleashed other passions as the passion of interior design and that of graphic design as well.

About the Case

Yasmine was given a master bedroom renovation case. In this bedroom, Yasmine spotted the problems of the old design of the bedroom. Firstly, bulky furniture stuffed the room, so there was barely enough space. Secondly, the client’s wish to have a dressing room within the bedroom. Consequently, Yasmine began to work.

Yasmine Magdy’s Design Proposal

After scheduled meetings with the client throughout the design process, Yasmine Magdy renovated the old bedroom and re-designed a stunning new one. The renovated design makes a smart use of space. Firstly, she started her proposal with changing in the furniture orientation and size in the room. So, instead of the bulky bed that faced the wardrobe and took most of the room’s space, Yasmine suggested a smaller modern one that would face the light. Secondly, after using smaller-sized furniture and choosing to put important items only, this architect was able to create the dressing room that the client wanted in the first place. Yasmine smartly designed the dressing room to be closer to the toilet so as to facilitate the continuous movement between these two zones. As a result, the client was super satisfied with her bedroom design proposal.

On Her Experience with “Design To Go” by Esorus, Yasmine Magdy

“This initiative just spreads positivity in such a crucial moment” Yasmine said. Then, she added “This initiative provided me with a job opportunity in a tough time while also providing help for the client in need.”

About Reham Ezz El-din

After graduating from the faculty of Architecture MSA University in 2007, Reham’s dreams were limitless. Firstly, she completed her master’s degree in sustainable landscape from Cairo University in 2012. Then, she founded her own architecture studio, the RZ Design Studio. Specialized in architecture, interior design and landscape, her studio designed various projects from residential to commercial and corporate.

About the case

It’s a master bedroom renovation for a newly married couple. The client required having an appropriate dressing space in addition to having a comfy seating area in the bedroom. Through “Design To Go” by Esorus, Reham received the furnished bedroom plan with the suggested design that the client needed to modify. So, after having all information, Reham started to work.

About the Design

Firstly, Reham started the design process with a mood board. Accordingly, she contacted the client to know her favorite color scheme and the desired colors to use in the bedroom. After settling on the monochrome colors of shades of greys and browns, Reham began designing her three proposals and accompanying them with suggested interior designs.

First Design Proposal

Designing the first proposal, Reham started with including the terrace, that already existed in the bedroom’s original design, inside the bedroom. Therefore, as a result of her client’s need of a sizeable storage and also a spacious bedroom, the designer took the terrace space and added it to the bedroom. This modification was done to provide the needed space. Next, Reham put the coiffeuse right in front of the dressing room and the TV wall directly facing the bed.

First Design Proposal. Photo Courtesy: Reham Ezz El-din

Second Design Proposal

The second proposal continued with adding the terrace space to the bedroom while switching between the bathroom and the dressing areas. Firstly, Reham planned a medium-sized bathroom with two sinks and no bathtubs. Then, she designed the dressing room just as clothes storage while the coiffeuse is outside the dressing area.

Second Design Proposal. Photo Courtesy: Reham Ezz El-din

Third Design Proposal

The third proposal that Reham presented was the same as the second one with the terrace space added to the bedroom and the switching of the bathroom and the dressing area. However, here Reham added the coiffeuse area to the dressing room and designed the bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub. Then, she outlined the bathroom with transparent glass to give a feeling of spaciousness to the room. In addition to that, she also provided a cupboard in front of the bathroom that the client can store in. Finally, she located a seating area just as the client wished. After showing this design to the client, the client was super satisfied. She just asked Reham to shift the place of the bathtub with the sinks so as to let the bathtub view the rest of the room.

On her experience with “Design To Go” by Esorus, Reham Ezz-Eldin

When we asked Reham about her collaboration with “Design To Go” by Esorus, she said “It’s a beneficial initiative”. Then, she elaborated “This initiative highlighted the role and value of designers as skillful and certified people to handle the design process”.

To sum up, “Design To Go” by Esorus allowed Yasmine Magdy and Reham Ezz El-Din to share their experiences as two successful architects. They both added creative solutions and gave a hand to those in need. In order to see the full live video of the collaboration between Design To Go” by Esorus, Yasmine Magdy and Reham Ezz El-Din, check: Bedrooms for modern living.To see other architects and designer making wonders check out: Deign To Go: Raja Kabil and Nedal Badr, Mohammed Badr and Rasha Al-Kady and Mona Hussein and Karim El Assal 

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