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Discover the Finest Lighting Designers in Egypt

Discover the Finest Lighting Designers in Egypt

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How many times a day do you flip a light switch? Endlessly right! It’s just unbelievable how often and seamlessly we move between environments, adjusting the light with a flick of a finger. It’s also incredible how our perception of space relies on the way light integrates with it. To clarify, what we see and experience and how we interpret the elements in our environments is affected by how light interacts with us and with that environment. Although lighting plays in our daily lives. However, many homeowners put surprisingly little thought into how they illuminate their living spaces. So, throughout the article, we will be spotting abundant and impressive lighting designers in Egypt some of which you can find in our store in Linesmag.

Crudo Lighting Designs

Launched by Nancy Galal and Reem Ashraf in the heart of Cairo, Crudo is a home design concept that relies on mixing two or three materials together to craft a one of a kind art piece. Moreover, Crudo bring nature’s key elements to modern interiors aiming to revolutionize the way modern Egyptian homes look and feel. So, at Crudo you will not only purchase a lighting unit. However, you will be purchasing a fabulous artistic creation and a production of fine Egyptian craftsmanship and authentic material inspired by our every-day life. You can shop now from Crudo in Linesmag Store.

Dai Product Designs

Elegant and exceptional would be the best description for Dai designs. To illustrate, Dai provides a variety of unique and minimal lighting units with amazing designs and skillful production. Blending between concrete and gold plated stainless steel, Dai offer outstanding indoor and outdoor lighting designs using LED lighting.

SAM Product Designs

Made with passion is the slogan of SAM product design. Haysam Ahmed founded SAM Product Designs with the aid of passion and perseverance, he creates unique and unparalleled lighting pieces. To illustrate, SAM specializes in designing and manufacturing stunning lighting fixtures. So, if you consult them, they will provide you with High-end minimalist product designs. In short, Sam product designs are proudly produced by Egyptian renowned craftsmen and costumed to your specific needs.

Randa Fahmy Designs

Mastering traditional Islamic lighting design, Randa Fahmy is leading in the industry of design. Therefore, for over 35 years, Randa Fahmy Design Associates have delivered stunning, sophisticated design solutions. For instance, in hotels, resorts, public buildings, palaces and private residences throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Other Brilliant Contributions

Certainly, there are many outstanding lighting designers who proved themselves and provided some exceptional products. However, other designers have also entered the world of product design and left an exceptional mark there. For instance Cherif Morsi, who creatively designs simple and aesthetically pleasing lighting units. Similarly, Nedal Badr aslo entered the lighting design world with his abstract and outstanding lighting units. In addition to Cherif Morsi and Nedal Badr, Shosha Kamal has also inspired many with her unique lighting designs. So, we can’t fail to notice

To sum up, lighting design isn’t only a fancy touch. However, it’s a crucial necessity to our spacial experience. That’s why lighting designers in Egypt are illuminating our world with their inspiring products. So, if you want read more about lighting designs check: Inspiring Lighting Products.

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