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Dubai Design Week 2018 Highlights

Dubai Design week took place between 12 – 17 November 2018. The programme included many exhibitions, installations, workshops, talks as well as several competitions. Moreover, the exhibition united design weeks from across the region, to bring the Middle East’s talents to Dubai.

Downtown Design

Downtown design (13-16 Nov) built a custom exhibition space on the d3 waterfront. In collaboration with Dubai Design District (d3); a space built as a part of the Dubai plan 2021 to act as a home for creative thinkers, located in Dubai. It became a hub for innovation and a popular attraction establishment to experience design showrooms and art galleries. The downtown design event hosted a selection of 175 brands, including 40 regional designers. A special section was dedicated to showcasing bespoke design by individual studios, brands, and designers from the Middle East and beyond for visitors to experience and discover.

Plenty of regional designers participating in Dubai Design Week

The Foundry by UAE design studio Tinkah presented their ‘Ramel’ collection. Using a material consisting of sand and ceramics, inspired by the desert dunes movements. ​​

Dubai Design Week 2018 The Foundry by Tinkah Ramel C01 Collection Downtowndesign
The Foundry by Tinkah, Ramel C01 Collection Photo Courtesy: DOWNTOWN DESIGN

Sharjah-based 1971 Design Space presented a contemporary Arabian pop-up majlis designed by Alia Mazrooei. Inspired by the shapes found in the UAE deserts.

Albal Design Studio in collaboration with Lasvit unveiled a floating light installation titled “FLow” inspired by the significance of water and reflection of the sun.

Moreover, UAE-based landscape design studio desert INK showcased indoor recreational garden space, besides creative retails concept and pop-up cafes. ​

Indoor recreational garden space Dubai Design Week 2018 Studio Desert INK Downtown design Linesmag
Indoor Recreational Garden Space Photo Courtesy: DESERT INK


Abwab is one of the highlights of Design Week, the initiative aims to act as a platform for designers from the Middle East. the Pavilion hosted a collection of design experiences from; Amman, Beirut, Dubai (supported by Tashkeel), eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia (supported by Ithra) and Kuwait City. The 2018 Abwab pavilions are designed by Architecture + Other Things, made by Research & Development.

Abwab Pavillion Dubai Design Week 2018 Downtown design Linesmag
Abwab Pavillion Photo Courtesy: DOWNTOWN DESIGN

Global Grad Show​

Global Grad Show, taking place in collaboration with investment corporation Dubai. To find new ideas from upcoming design graduates from 61 nationalities from 100 universities working on solutions through design to some of the world’s most pressing issues. The presented solutions ranged from physical to virtual, high tech to simple conceptual ones. ​

One of the Global Grad Show solutions

One of the Global Grad Show solutions Photo Courtesy: DOWNTOWN DESIGN

Weaving the Mashrabiya Pavilion

Creating perforted pavilion made from woven ropes through using computational modeling, reflecting the traditional identity of UAE. Weaving the Mashrabiya Pavilion by Dr. Lasef MD Rian, University of Sharjah installed in the heart of d3. The pavilion is made from locally sourced materials forming a Mashrabya. which is a traditional motif of Islamic architecture.

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