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Honoring Excellence: Tamayouz “Living Bridge...

Honoring Excellence: Tamayouz “Living Bridge” Competition

Tamyouz Bridge Competition egypt

An open call

Celebrating fine Architecture and offering motivating design challenges, Tamayouz Award For Excellence has announced its latest competition! Above all, the competition is inspired from the diversity of construction systems, materials, scale, type and history of the 19th and 20th century bridges in Egypt where in this challenge, competitors will design a “living bridge” over the Nile.

The Challenge

“​A Living Pedestrian Bridge Over The Nile” Is the title of the competition.  To illustrate, the competition requires participants to do two things. Firstly, design a living pedestrian bridge over the Nile. This bridge will connect Midan Al-Tahrir Area to Al Zamalek area. So, it’s basically a link between east bank and the west bank. Secondly, re-imagine the public space on the east bank of the Nile where the National Democratic Party (NDP) building once stood. The participants should provide a vibrant design and a lively urban solution while considering the context of the project. Therefore, the bridge wouldn’t be a mere connection, but rather a cultural piazza and a destination for people to enjoy.


The competition welcomes students, architects, engineers and designers to participate, compete and win this prize. Participation can be on an individual basis or in a team basis, a maximum of six team members.


There are three categories for the winners. To illustrate, there will be a first prize, a second one and a thrid prize as well.

-1st Prize: The Rifat Chadirji Statuette (Designed by International artist Dia Azzawi) + $5000

-2nd Prize: $1000 + CERTIFICATE + Trip to the 2018 Award Ceremony (Flights and Hotel).

-3rd Prize: $1000 + CERTIFICATE + Trip to the 2018 Award Ceremony (Flights and Hotel).

Take a look on their programs

In addition to the competitions, Tamayouz offers a variety of design workshops, scholarships and internships. To illustrate, Tamayouz doesn’t only present awards for excellence in architecture, but they also provide scholarship funds, international design workshops and trainings.

Read more about the competition by clicking on: The Rifat Chadirji Prize 2020. Know more about urban related topics when you check: Cycling in Egypt: The community approach. 

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