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Our Picks of the Best Home Accessories Designers i...

Our Picks of the Best Home Accessories Designers in Egypt

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Looking for home accessories designs to enliven your home? Then, this article is the place for you. Whether you proudly display your grandmother’s china in your dining room or you casually hang your favorite family photos all over your rooms, home accessories are necessary to reflect who you truly are. Whether you want to create a relaxing vibe, a rustic look, or modern aesthetic, home accessories help your vision become a reality. So, Regardless of your style, the big picture and the small details are equally important. Firstly, take a look around and see what areas of the room you feel need a new look. Then, check out these home accessories designers in Egypt to fuel your imagination.


Eklego is where you accent your home with graceful pieces as mirrors and lighting fixtures. These Egyptian designers will elevate your home experience through their home accessories. So, head to their website and check them out as they are one of the best home accessories designers in Egypt.


Kelos designs are dedicated to those who are crazy about glass products!  They offer a variety of beautifully crafted objects for a glamorous look. For instance, check their tableware collection to practically fell the elegant and intriguing designs.


Talata designs and creates bespoke furniture and accessories through combining the old and the new. In other words, they seamlessly incorporate heritage into their timeless creations designing vases, candle holders, wall art and other creations. Therefore, take a look at their stunning designs here.


Shewekar designs are an exquisite work of art that is elegant and contemporary, yet functional and practical. For instance, these side tables that are splendidly designed. We encourage you to also have a glimpse on other home accessories of Shewekar and notice their unparalleled design and particular production.


Another outstanding product designs in Egypt is Herfa. Herfa’s designs will surely turn your home into a beautiful haven through their harmonious and gracious designs. Plant pots, vases, wall art in addition to other creative sets. So, check these pieces out and make sure you skim through all of their delightful creations

Ellie Home Décor

Ellie Design Studio is an interior design studio with an obsessive commitment to material and detail. Aesthetically pleasing and efficient designs, this studio aims to spread natural and genuine home accessory pieces. Their designs, such as vases, wall plates, table lamps, to name a few, are made with love with an aim to make you wonder. These products are handmade by talented Egyptian artisans who put their passion into designs.

Casa Designs

If you want to add an incomparable touch to you space, check the one and only Case Designs. It’s where you can find amazing and authentic designs. To illustrate, Casa Designs is a homegrown Egyptian home accessories brand, founded by a team of three architects. They design delightful pieces as planters and stools.


Lnzys is about creating art pieces out of wood where each layer has a rich history and an undeniable value behind it. Nadine Hemly is the creator and founder of this brand. At Lnzys’ you can find incomparable wooden home accessories. From bookshelves to tables and even plant pots. Lnzys isn’t only wood creation but rather a wood experience.

Serag Mounir Designs

If your skin flutters when you touch marble, then these designs would be the best choice that you can possibly make. To illustrate, Serag Mounir Designs are seamless marble home accessories as side lamps, candle holders, vases and many more. These products combine beauty and mastery of design.


Maramzy designs are the fusion of luxury and beauty. These designs, such as appliques,  are handcrafted homeware created by one of the most talented home accessories designers in Egypt, Maram Nazmy. These designs are edgy, fabulous and delightful addition to your home accessories.


This is for metal maniacs. Duleec creates home accessories and décor products made in Egypt. To illustrate, they make lighting fixtures, mirrors, wall décor items and many more all made in copper and brass. Check their outstanding products as they can be a valuable addition to your home accessories.


Inspired by the Dynamic Lands of Egypt from dessert to agriculture and Sea, a mother and her daughter collaborated to create these designs. Mamabearco products are created and handily made using wood, cotton, shells, and plants. To illustrate, these designs include wall hangers, swinging chairs, mirrors and everything you can dream of. So, visit their website to see their pleasant and blissful pieces.

Room NO 9

Room NO 9 products are where art and culture co-exist. To clarify, they provide minimally designed home accessories that reflects the Egyptian spirit and translates traditions into dynamic designs. So, take a look to see how exceptional their designs are. Also, you can head to linesmag store to purchase your favorite items.

At last, we also encourage you to check: the finest lighting designers in Egypt to stay inspired!

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