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Steigenberger Hotel El Lessan opens in Ras El Bar

Steigenberger Hotel El Lessan opens in Ras El Bar

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Steigenberger new hotel in Ras El Bar is located at the waterfront overlooking the exact point where the Nile flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Only a few steps from the famous concrete walkway and the minaret. Where all the coastal city visitors walk along and gaze at the water trying to figure out if they can spot the Mediterranean and the Nile intersection.


The architect-designed Steigenberger El Lessan in a manner that reflects and mirrors the surrounding context. The designer chose to blend in and use the surrounding features as a reference, while still creating a special character.

One of the prominent features in Ras el Bar architecture is the balconies. Where people love to sit and enjoy the sea breeze. The hotel architect used this feature strongly in the waterfront façade. Yet the designer did not intimidate only the balconies from the context. Existing beach houses feature sloping red brick roof. Steigenberger two towers and balconies roof imitated the sloping red brick design. Moreover, the surrounding buildings light colors palette inspired the Hotel elevation finishes.

The beach vibe inspired the rooms interior; accordingly, the designer chose a coastal color palette. Featuring blue, warm grey, burlywood and tan colors.

Steigenberger Ras El Bar

Extending over 4,200 square meters, Steigenberger El Lessan offers 153 rooms, including 15 junior suites and 3 handicapped rooms. Since the the Nile and Sea view cannot be missed all the rooms has been planned to overlook waterfront.

In addition to an open roof deck restaurant featuring the stunning waterfront view and the large outdoor pool. Other facilities include sea lobby bar, a large outdoor pool with a pool bar, main restaurant. In addition to a gym area and a four fully equipped conference rooms.

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Steigenberger Ras El Bar

“The Steigenberger Hotel El Lessan is the first luxury hotel to be launched in the region. We have achieved a further expansion of our local presence and have also been able to bring about a significant enhancement in the relevance of the Steigenberger brand.” said Thomas Willms, CEO, Deutsche Hospitality, the umbrella brand of Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts.

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