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Studio ne+: A Multidisciplinary Design Studio

Studio ne+: A Multidisciplinary Design Studio

Studio NE+ founded by noha essam

Be Introduced To The Studio

Studio ne+ is a creative, artistic, and operational think-tank, a multidisciplinary studio and creative direction firm. To illustrate, Studio ne+ is specialized in design-driven foresight research working across spatial & experiential design and Creative trend consultancy. In addition to, interior branding, creative content, and product design.


Meet Its Founder

Noha Essam founded Studio ne+ which is not her first contribution in the design field. To clarify, Essam has already created a trend forecasting initiative that Linesmag has published about. In short, Noha Essam is an interior architect and a visionary, an interdisciplinary designer, trend forecaster, and creative educator. Mastering all these fields allowed her to establish Studio ne+.

It’s also worth mentioning that Essam doesn’t work solely in the studio. However, she cooperates with a group of passionate designers who experiment with the design process and cross over various fields so as to create a meaningful world.

Get to know Their Philosophy

Studio ne+ provide a holistic, prospective and avant-garde approach in foresight design. So, the studio engages in the process of critical thinking, ethnographic researches and intellectual values to deliver design trend analysis. Moreover, it provides aesthetics and speculative practices, future and lifestyle inspiration to designers, leading brands, manufacturers and professionals. Through their library of research, daily information feed and on-demand research services help these teams stay ahead of the curve.

Studio NE+ founded by noha essam

See Their Goals

Above all, Studio ne+ have an ethical approach to spatial design practicing the ultimate aesthetics, direct yet conceptual, provocative, and engaging filtration of ideas and amusements rather than consenting a disciple look & feel. They fight the good fight against “creative block” with visually stunning imagery, design trend settings, and a passion for all things well designed.


Scope of work

Studio ne+ helps brands to improve their aesthetic impression by developing stronger color schemes and trend strategies. Assists with conceptualization, ideation, and product design invention. In addition to evolving a stylistic vocabulary towards more softness, fantasy, and classism without losing the power of simplicity.

Interior design render egypt by Studio NE+
interior experimental design

Quoted From The Founder

“I believe that the future scenario cannot be painted, unless we have a good historical analysis of what has happened before. I trust it’s only when we take time out and reflect on our own micro patterns, and global macro patterns that we can make any sort of intelligent predictions of what’s next. Those patterns are based on hyper-aware hindsight, as opposed to any clairvoyant foresight. This applies to both individuals and organizations” Dr. Noha Essam/ Founder of Studio ne+


We are super proud of all Egyptian designers who truly think outside the box and seek change. So, we encorage you to read more about this creative hub and check: Studio ne plus official facebook page.

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