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The Power of Color: Pink Interior Projects

The Power of Color: Pink Interior Projects

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A naïve girl color, that’s what pink is right? Certainly, not anymore. Lately, the world has become obsessed with pink hues like never before, and interior design is no exception. Outspreading from a mere wall painting to an idea of living, “Millennial Pink” has established a presence across various designs. In the book “Pink Up Your Life”, which showcases pink product designs, the author noted that this color suggests optimism and romance on the one hand and energy, passion, radiance and glamour on the other. May be that’s the reason behind its widespread! Because hardly any other color can polarize like it does, which is what makes it so multifaceted. In this article, we will demonstrate pink’s growing popularity through various pink design projects. So, forget what you thought about pink and get ready to discover the power of pink in these pink interior projects.

Pink in Restaurants and Cafés

As we said, this playful color has captured the hearts of many and the world of interior design is one good example for this. From restaurants to offices, pink invaded the interior design field to reach even homes. Pink can be used to merge funk into details. To illustrate, when it’s blended with bold zebra stripes, pink creates a brimming space as in The Pink Zibra restaurant. In addition to that, a very subtle shade of pink creates a chic and fancy mood as in El and N café where pink produces an outstanding exquisite atmosphere.

Pink in Offices and Beauty Salons

Consequently pink has proved its spectrum of vibes in the most productive interiors as offices and in the most delicate interiors as beauty salons. To clarify, when pink comes in light hue, it brightens up the workspace as in Angle and Earl Office Studio. However, when different shades of pink collaborate together, they deliver a cheerful atmosphere.

Pink in Homes

In homes pink is present everywhere and can be spotted in variable fields as in furniture, decorations and overall designs. Pink can disguise to give a trendy, funky and cool looks as in these homes. It can be used as a definition of luxury as in these examples. In addition to that, pink can bring a comfy, intimate and appealing as in these living rooms. Finally, pink can be dressed up and travel through time to a send a modern and sometimes even vintage message as well.

To sum up, the power of using pink is limitless as we clarified in various pink design projects. So, if you really believe in pink. Check out: Karim Rashid: The Pink Designer.

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